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Excellent service and support of our local community are central to our philosophy

Vivian Lin, one of Northern Virginia’s most famed hairstylist and colorist with over a decade of experience, opened her first spa & salon in November of 2017. Graham Webb Academy trained, she has worked with PR Partners, Bubbles Salon, and Nash Hair Design (she goes by Lin) and built up an impressive clientele. Vivian is an expert at balayage, color corrections, and formulating the perfect concoctions to achieve multi-dimensional results! Nestled in the stylish neighborhood of downtown Vienna, blocks away from Tysons, the luxurious space is truly a reflection of Vivian’s trend-setting style; a welcoming and stylish environment that inspires and caters to its exclusive clientele. Furnished with custom décor, the cozy & warm space has an intimate yet airy feel. With the look of the spa & salon sets the tone for a high-end experience, it is the friendly, personal and attentive service paired with the highly talented styling team that truly makes the Yellow Door Spa & Salon one of a kind.


Seasonality and support of our local community are central to our philosophy at Berg

A love for the surrounding land and ocean is the underlying source of inspiration for our menus at Berg. Our seafood is harvested fresh from the waters. Herbs and garnishes are foraged from the coastline.

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Address 50 Rue Gay 5005 / London, UK
Phone +44 1 43 54 76 60

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